"CHAGA CHAI"- Medicinal Mushroom Herb & Spice Mix - Tea and Coffee Enhancer


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This Herbal Mushroom Immune-Supporting ALL-ORGANIC Chai Spice Blend is built around Wild Chaga and Reishi. Can drink "as is" or be added to Black Tea, Coffee, or Red Rooibos Tea (no caffeine), as a Daily Enhancement. We include the top most effective high-quality Betulinic Acid rich ingredients known in IMMUNE SCIENCE research (see pubmed.gov). Chaga and Cloves contain Betulinic Acid-- and its effects are simply incredible!  Reishi alone is amazing. Chaga alone is astounding. Turmeric alone is incredible. Cinnamon alone is greatCloves and Ginger blend nicely. Cardamom and Orange Peel are Essential. The smell is amazing! This Medicinal Spice Blend is a COMPLETE PICTURE for what an Herbal Chai Mix should be. It's an original recipe! We are convinced that there is no better Elixir for you. Thus, it will prove itself as Royalty and "The Queen of Medicinal Mixtures."

We recommend:

-Drink it Daily!

-Add Black Pepper or Cayenne if you want it spicier!

-Add a sprinkle of Coconut Oil for Rich Drink.

-Some say a sprinkle of Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt makes a Chai!

Product Information

1 Bag Containing Dry ORGANIC Herbal & Spice Medicinal Mushroom Powder Blend- CHAGA CHAI!

Mixture of High Quality Organic Ingredients:

-Orange Peel

Product Details

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Loose Herbal Mushroom and Spice Mixture (no-caffeine)- CHAGA CHAI!

Special Instructions

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Place 1/2 teaspoon of "Chaga Chai" per 6 oz. of Boiling Water using a Tea Strainer or Filter, and let it steep for 8 minutes. Use "as is" (no-caffeine) or with Black Tea, Coffee, or Red Rooibos (another way to take it as a no-caffeine drink) as tasty herbal enhancer. Add your favorite healthy creamer such as Oat Milk, Soy Milk, or Almond Milk-- as well as your favorite sweetener such as Agave, Stevia, Monk Fruit  Sweetener, Coconut Palm Sugar, or even Raw Brown Sugar, etc. Enjoy your herb-enhanced, immune-supporting Chai Spice Mix- CHAGA CHAI!

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4.5 In. x 4.5 In. x 9 In., 11 Oz./11.43 cm x 11.43 x 22.86 cm, 312 g/.312 kg